Add-ons and mods that YOU recommend for an imported forum!

Hi there! :D I finally decided to migrate from vbulletin, especially now that those legal troubles are over and there is promise of future xenforo updates!

However, I am feeling overwhelmed by all of the wonderful shiny things and I just don't know where to start first!

So, A question to you admins that migrated from vbulletin to xenforo: What add-ons or mods (that are currently available) are YOU using and recommend that a former vb user might want or need?
Oh yes, I definitely have every intention of running a test forum first and seeing what I like and what I need! It's just the smart thing to do.

But, I also really love to hear people's experience and suggestions on what's worked for them and what hasn't. Having the opinions of those that have already been through the motions helps out a lot in making good choices. :D


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Can't believe I forgot about the following. Showcase is another exceptional & versatile add-on you should really check out. The author (Bobster65) is constantly developing it and making significant updates that just add value to the add-on

That said, there are many excellent coders/devs who's add-ons are excellent.

Chris Deeming
Jake Bunce
Brogan (enhancements)
Luke Foreman

There's a few others but those are ones for me that really stand out and I know make quality products, offer great support.

For styles

- John (
- Forsaken & Kim (
- Russ & Steve (
- Mike (

lazy llama

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I'd recommend a look at:
  • Template Modification System (TMS)
  • [bd] Tag Me
  • vB4 URL Redirection (if you've converted from vB4)
  • Tapatalk (and/or ForumRunner)
  • No Downtime by Waindigo
  • Multiple Account Detection
  • and one anti-spam add-on. I use StopSpamHere, but XenUtiles gets lots of recommendations.
I'd say those are fairly useful on any ex-vB4 board. TMS is great for making small tweaks, and is used by an increasing number of other add-ons to perform template edits automatically.


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Mmm... I don't use quite a few of some of the above, which just goes to show how individual this is to specific communities. So I agree with Biker, base this on what you and your community need. FWIW I came over from vB too, and couldn't be without:

  • Conversation manager - makes the PMs a bit clearer to see who is in the conversation!
  • Email on report - emails you when someone reports a post, a key vB feature that is missing from XF
  • Member list manager - enables sorting of the memberlist by likes, posts etc and filtering by usergroup
  • Multiple account detection
  • New user notification system - send a welcome PM to new members
  • Sitemap (for Google/SEO)
  • Tapatalk for your mobile peeps
  • Who has visited today, I missed this from vB
  • Tag Me - my members love the tagging feature!
  • Widget framework - makes it easy to customise the sidebar
  • Nodes as tabs - very handy for adding stuff to the main menu bar, or external links
Thank you guys so much for these suggestions! A lot of them were things I was already checking out, and thanks to a few hints I was able to find some mods I really, really needed. You guys are great. <3


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One thing my users near demanded were larger icons and rearranging the postbit to be more vBulletin like. What's really sad is that this probably was more widespread than their complaints about feature availability... :ROFLMAO: Easier on me, though.

This is what I ended up with:

  • Custom BBCode Manager
  • Member List Manager
  • Social Groups by Waindigo
  • XenPorta ( we were using vBadvanced )
  • [bd] Forum Watch
  • [DBTech] Users viewing thread
  • [RT] User Rank Images