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Bloodcinder submitted a new resource:

Add-On Timestamper - Exactly one little feature: add a button to set an add-on's version ID to the current timestamp.

Add-On Timestamper add-on for Xenforo
by Bloodcinder

This adds a "Set to Current Timestamp" button near the Version ID spinbox in the admin panel add-on editor page. That's all!

No, really. I got morbidly tired of having to manually run a script or check a website to get the current timestamp when updating my add-ons. So I made this tweak for my own use, since I use timestamps for Version ID's. And since I know some other developers use timestamps as well, I...

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It is a numerical representation of the current time commonly used in development. (More info here.)

It's useful to keep your add-on Version ID's as a timestamp because 1) it will always increase, 2) it won't be arbitrary, and 3) it will allow you to see when the add-on was last edited even if the Version String hasn't changed.

If you don't make your own add-ons, you don't need this.