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I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to add a module in the sidebar that displays Facebook posts from multiple FB pages (I'm currently using the bd Widget Framework, but am open to changing to another solution). I use a Wordpress plugin that does this on the WP sites I manage, and the developer has a stand alone PHP version, which I'm wondering could work in XF somehow. I've already asked him and he's not sure. I've also asked the Widget Framework developer but got not response in the add-on thread. Would anyone be able to tell if it would work without seeing the code? It looks like it would need to render PHP in the XF template system to work but I'm not sure. There isn't a JS output option for it.

Here is the documentation:

Greatly appreciate any direction or feedback.
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This isn't the correct place for discussion of a non-XF resource/script in relation to an existing XF add-on.

You will need to wait for a response from the developer of the widget framework add-on, or someone familiar with the code, in the resource thread.

Thread moved to general PHP.
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