Lack of interest Add New Page or Force Overlay when clicking on Post#


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I don't think we should miss out on features just because we have "disable overlays"

With overlays enabled you click on any post#


An overlay pops up with the post sharing and post bb and html link options. As below:


Ideally, It would be great if a new page opened up when clicking on the post number. So members could get the BB Code and HTML Code and sharing options. Same as the overlay except on a new page.

I think this is important. In fact i thought it was a bug.

Like i said before. I don't think its fair we lost this feature just because we have overlays disabled.

And thats what usually happens now with out features when overlay is disabled. (opens in the same page/separate page)

In this situation it would make sense to open in a new window, so they wont be clicked away from the post.


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I would be happy with a forced overlay. It doesn't make too much of a difference to me as long as i can get the link.

There might be another reason why i disabled it. But it's because I don't like the contact card.

I have to click 2 times just to view their profile. (unless i right click on their username)

If i could do everything from the contact card. Such as write on their profile, view their followers, Then i would like the contact card better.


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Yuck. I dislike sites that do this. I'd rather have a forced overlay when overlays are disabled than a new window.
I agree. I feel like the only time I want a new window is if I'm being linked to an external site.
Indeed, though they could probably make it happen on the same page (if they did do it). For example, if you click on an avatar with overlays disabled, instead of obviously bringing up the member card, it redirects you to the profile. In this case, they could redirect you to a separate page (on the same tab) with the permanent link information.

as long as i can get the link
And you can by right-clicking and choosing Copy Link Location. Again, disabling overlays doesn't prevent you from getting the link. You can also get it in the address bar.

Here I am in a thread with overlays disabled:

Overlays 1.png

And here I clicked on #2:

Overlays 2.png

Notice it scrolled me down to post #2 and the URL in the address bar changed.


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there should be a separate Link named "Share".

The sharing-feature is currently too much hidden away at the "post-number link".

Nobody knows that clicking on the "post number" will allow you to "Share".