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I have to work on a forum with
XONs conversation essentials
and another custom addon

both use

class Conversation extends XFCP_Conversation {
    protected function setupConversationCreate()

When i try to send a conversation without a title, i get an error here
(function validate doesnt exists <=> probably an error in the custom addon)

            $creator = $this->setupConversationCreate();
            if (!$creator->validate($errors))
                return $this->error($errors);

in XONs xf/p/c/conversation.php

I will try to find the problem now.

As fast and dirty solution i have added required="required" to the title_field for create a conversation.

And just here i ask myself, we dont have this "required" everywhere?
We we need to produce an error and show it sometimes without any information, when we could use required, avoaid any error and shot the place where a user should react?
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Browser verification for fields is a step in the right direction, but it'll usually only point out the first issue, which can be an incredibly frustrating experience since you need to continuously submit to have errors pointed out to you. Some more complex fields like user input can't even be verified on frontend submit directly either.

Even if none of that was a problem, you'd still find yourself with the requirement of having to verify all data on the backend, otherwise a malicious user could forcefully trigger those errors by bypassing his frontend verification. Whether that results in a useful attack vector or not is up to the specific situation, but frontend verification doesn't eliminate the need for backend verification.
I see this only as an addition and as a question of usability.

At the moment we have fields with that function and others without.
From my view things should be the same everywhere. So every input_field should have a reaction just in the form itself.
This is the difference between 2010 and 2021, when you see a well done form.

I am happy that we have some fields now. And the next step - i hope - will be to have this with all fields.
I see it as a step backwards. Native browser form validation is subpar at best, and a frustrating annoying turnoff for your users at its worst.
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