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XF 1.4 Add .jpg banner above top breadcrumb or somewhere else.

I trying to add a .jpg banner ,but something isn't working.
I'm completely blank in HTML,so..
Here is what I'v done
<xen:hook name="ad_above_top_breadcrumb" />
<div style="float: center;"></div>
<A HREF="Destination url"><IMG SRC="ads/image.gif" ALT="Home"></A>
Where I should put banners in server? like /forum/ads/image.gif ?
Can anyone please help me,detailed as possible?

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

Well-known member
it should be something like:
<div style="display: block; margin: 0 auto; text-align: center;">
    <a href="{url}"><img src="ads/image.gif" alt="Home" /></a>
EDIT: And yes, if your forum is located in /forum then you should put the gif file in /forum/ads/image.gif