Add document types to advanced search

Tom McIntyre

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Our system consists of the forums and a WordPress system that provides a front end to our Research Center, Publications, Library Catalog and Museum artifact archives.

I would like to create additional document types for advanced search to use the contents of these facilities. Some of these will be image file structures while most of the others are file systems holding PDF documents. We can create additional database structures to catalog them or we can populate the file structure with additional descriptive files. It appears to me that the search system inherently supports this and all we would need is definitions for the document types and possibly something like FSCrawler to manage more active file structures (ours are pretty static at this time).

I envision being able to search for image comments from both the media gallery and our museum collections image gallery that would return documents from both with the target URL's fetching from the correct storage location.

The existing simple search syntax should be sufficient for all of the documents we have.

Has anyone else done this already? Is it as easy as I think it is?
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