XF 1.5 add comments to page


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I solved this once with a php callback to a node forum that was hidden.
Each page was set to use a unique thread within it.
The callback got the posts from that thread for display.
A fake button to submit content linked to a thread/reply

So yes, it is possible.


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Please any assistance from you on getting it to work on my website?
Not sure if I can, first of all it has been a while and it was for 1.1 of XenForo. Also, it was made with a few people exclusively, I would have to track them down to get their permission to distribute it as a package.
Thanks for providing the link. I have tried the two tutorials; 1) How to show a post in a page, and 2) How to show a forum in a page.

I have tried to show a post in a page, but the post will not come with the post's comments. Besides, I want the comments to be made on the page and not on the thread.

I will appreciate your further assistance to get this working.