Lack of interest Add comment filtering capabilities in thread tools

Dear xF,

I don't know if this has been suggested before, but as I was reflecting engaging people through blogs vs through forums I realized this important tool.

In many blogs it's possible to filter comments using criteria such "Most liked" or "Editor's pick" or "Most Replied to"

This is a useful tool for people in hurry. For instance in forums (xF included) you may land on a thread which is 30 pages long. Now if you are there for the first time and have no idea what has been said earlier you may have to go through all 30 pages to find useful information.

Suppose you could filter for "Most Liked" or "Moderator's Picks" then you could see the most useful comments first and save time.

I hope you get the gist of my suggestion.

If this capability is already existing - or if it doesn't exist but there's a work around method of filtering comments - kindly let me know.


I once started working on this, never finished it. But it's a feature I hope that becomes a plugin, or a default feature.

[photoshopped] visual explanation of filtering on likes