Add "Chat With Me" button everywhere (for cometchat)

Add "Chat With Me" button everywhere (for cometchat)


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Add "Chat With Me" button everywhere (for cometchat) - If you use cometchat, here is the way to add chat with me button every where you want


If you install comechat, you will see a "Chat With Me" button below avatar in messages. (Of course if you set it in ACP)
By default it has different problems:
  • Even guests can see that (Even if they don't have access to acometchat)
  • Its just in messages page. And no where else. (So chatting with users with no post is not possible)
  • If you want to chat with someone (who has post) you should find one on his/her post and start chatting from his postbit.
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Cool add-on, but I beat you to it. :) I found the Cometchat chat code snippet on another site and customized it. I now have "Chat Now" AND "Send PM" on 3 or 4 different places on my site including profiles and member list. Good stuff!
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