Lack of interest Add Ban state and Usergroup to Member Search Results

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When I'm taking care of spammers there are many times I search by IP Address wildcards. This can result in a search result of many members. The search results include "Username," "Sex," "Location" and "joined date". None of which is very helpful. What would be helpful would be to know if the member is Banned. In this search result banned members do not even have a strike-thru on their username. It would also be helpful to see their usergroup and the number of posts they have. In a perfect world there might even be a "Spam" Control button/link there too.
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In this search result banned members do not even have a strike-thru on their username
I set banned users to have "Banned" as additional (secondary) usergroup.
I set username style of "Banned" usergroup to have strikethrough (CSS : text-decoration: line-through).
When i search contents of banned members, i can see the strikethrough in their username, within search result page.

However i can't see colored username style which i set to "Banned" usergroups.

Have you tried to set "Display Styling Priority" of "Banned" usergroup to higher than any other usergroups?

For example in my forum, "Registered" usergroup has "0" as priority,
while "Banned" usergroup has "1000" as priority.

I don't remember if i have changed the template of search result page :unsure:


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Thanks for that. I do think that this should be part of an OEM install. It would also be nice if the Search results for posts and threads included some indication if it was an open or closed thread and whether or not the thread had been deleted (soft-delete obviously).

These are pretty standard "features" and really necessary. I'm surprised by 1.5.X that this has not already been implemented.