Lack of interest Add a toggle for displaying level 2 nodes or switch them off completely


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Currently if you have a node tree as follows:

Forum 1​
Forum 2​
Forum 3​
Forum 4​
Forum 5​
Forum 6​
Forum 7​
Forum 8​

When clicking on Forum 1, Forums 2 to 8 are displayed at the top of the forum view page as if they are all siblings.

Ideally only child nodes would be displayed so in this case Forums 2 and 6.
The others should only be available as dropdowns as on forum home or when clicking on the parent forum.

The current structure makes it impossible to avoid having large numbers of nodes at the top of the page due to 2 levels being displayed and also loses the relationship between sub-nodes in the forum view.

So can we either have a toggle for level 2 nodes or limit the display to level 1 nodes only?


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Further to my suggestion, an alternative (and possibly better suggestion?) would be to add a checkbox to each node which would only allow it to be displayed it in its parent node only.

Currently I have forums which have 20 or more pages displayed in them due to child pages being displayed in the forum and not just in the parent page.

This is how the parent page looks:

But the forum view which the main page is in looks like this:

Obviously that's not going to work as there are 21 page nodes at the top of the thread list.


This is very problematic for a new site I'm building that has many categories and forums. On top of what Brogan added, I have one case where the sub-nodes simply aren't being displayed at all (as siblings or children)--you have to click into the parent to see that they even exist.