XF 1.5 Add 10px left margin to sidebar?


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Not yet familiar enough with the xenforo template and css system, what is the easiest way to add a 10px left margin to the sidebar? (would like to increase spacing slightly between sidebar and main content areas.)


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Admin > Appearance > Styles > (make sure you select the style you're working on) > Style Property Groups > Sidebar

Here you can set the margin and padding for the left. Note that on a fixed design this might push the bar below the full content. In that case a few more tiny tweaks are needed


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Yes, was just wondering on where to best tweak as it appears entering any value in the properties left margin or padding will make the sidebar not fit the sidebar container. Appears to apply to standard sidebar as well so I thought I'd start simple there, but my ultimate goal is to adjust widget framework sidebars, so maybe I'll delve into wf_ css files and see if I can find best value to override with extra.css. Can accomplish by adjusting individual sidebar block css adding left margin to each there, but can't get it right applying to sidebar element. Probably something very simple that I'm not seeing.
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