Lack of interest Add „categories“ and „order“ parameters to the Author-action „view“


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I really like how the resources are presented on the author pages. It is acually that good that I link to it from my add-on webshop. It's (almost) perfect. The problem however is, that it contains all kinds of resources. Currently that isn't a problem for me as I only released add-ons so far. But if I'm going to create any other kind of resource such as dev tutorials, these will also be shown on that page which would significantly decrease the usefulness for the purpose I use that page.

Fortunately it would acutally be pretty simple to limit the resources shown with an additional „categories“ parameter. Also it would be really nice it there would be a parameter to customize the order of the resources. For exapmle, for my purpose a rating order would be much better than the „last update“ order.

Now I know that the general interest for this suggestion is probably not very high. However, it could be implemented with only minimal effort. So the cost/benefit ratio would be really good :)