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Recep Baltaş

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we have just switched rom vBulletin to XF 13.

Everything is good except the AD management. With vBulletin, we were able to align 300 x 250 banners to the right of the post.

When we instert the same ad in ad_message_body, the text is being move down. If we add after post, than it is too bottom, not as we like.

Also we want to add ads only to the first and the last post in some cases.

In addition, background advertisiement (Pageskin) would be nice too.

I have attached a sample from vBulletin.

We are open for all advices including buying a plugin and plugin advices.


Recep Baltaş

Well-known member
Thnaks a lot. We have succesfully aligned 300x250 to the right.

But for the background ad, we are still waiting for fedback. Also the top banner, 728x90, is not resporsive when browsing via mobile. Back in vbulletin, it was resposive.
I can't understand why such a big forum/social networking software does everything very well but leave out the essential feature: Advertising. 300x250 and 728x90 banners are iAB standarts, these two banners are most used types of advertising in the web. Nearly everyone with a website, forum uses these banners and yet Xenforo lacks an easy to use support for banner advertisements. When we insert javascript ad codes from Revive (It's Openx, it's used as nearly much as Google Adsense) users can't post messages, styles break etc.

We use it in Wordpress, we used it in Vbulletin but with Xenforo I'm at my 3.rd day and I'm frustrated. In a few days a big ad campaign will begin and we will probably fall short a few million ad impressions because we can't show ads correctly in our new Xenforo forum. I'm selling these advertisements for our publication and prices are higher than AdSense, we don't show cheap advertisements and our losses are great too when such an event occurs.

In Vbulletin when I opened a page of with my mobile (Galaxy Note 3) the banner area was just shrunk to the window size. Now they break the page and just go on.
We easily added 300x250 banners to first and last messages in a thread.
We managed all advertising areas, inserted our ad codes from revive then managed everything from Revive. In desktop 728x90 got good CTR, in mobile 300x250 got good CTR and we were successfull.

Xenforo guys should seriously priotize a native, easy to use advertisement solution because none of the options work very well at the moment and we are spending far too much time trying:

I'm lost, it should be standart but I want a paid solution for showing 728x90 in desktop and mobile and showing 300x250 without breaking anything. Which plugin solves these things? I can't help but feel that switching to Xenforo was a big mistake, financially...


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I have the same problem. I just want a simple 728x90 banner in my header, I'm also using revive and it seems rocket science. My topic:

I have also the need to get it working for a campaign. And after that I want to use Google with full responsive options. I really like with Xenforo did to make the style responsive, but please help the less gifted people who are no specialists at css and styling to monetize their forum.