XF 1.4 AD not showing in template?

I am running the expert plan at vlexofree.com, the plan requires users to have a linkback and a actual ad for us to have that plan. My issue is when i try to make my own template "vlexo_side" with


nothing shows up on my forum. I would totally buy the next available package but i am not sure if i can transfer database info from the free plan to the paid plan. Anyone help??

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Adam K M

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Those comments are exactly the code you've put in your template.

I don't think you're using the correct code provided by your host - since this is no longer strictly xenForo, you'll have to talk with them.
This is exactly what the host has been telling me to use. It works on .html documents because i've used them on my html pages and its worked there with the same code when i uploaded it to the webserver provided by my host. However i am talking to the host as well and he seemed to think it was a gzip problem/minify css problem but i thought i would come here for help.
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Adam K M

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Ah, I can't really comment then, @Keosan. Although what you can do is have a blank HTML page (with only your ad, no markup or anything) and us some JS to load the contents of that page (aka the ad) into a div on your forum.

A quickfix hack, and it could quite possibly work.
Seems like it could work. But i have no clue if i am doing it correctly.
Heres the code i am using in the template for javascript
                        function loadAds() {
                        var div = document.createElement('div');
                        div.innerHTML = '<!--VlexoFree_LinkBack--> <!--VlexoFree_AdCode_728x90-->';
then heres my html code
<div id= "content">


Adam K M

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@Keosan Nope, from the looks of your Javascript you're not actually telling the visitors' browser to go ahead and load your external HTML page. (Not to mention I wouldn't usually create the div I'm trying to fill with JS, but rather target an existing one)

Javascript's not really my thing, but using javascript it would be something like

    $(function() {
You might have to use a full URL instead of a relative myhtml.html, but best of luck!