XF 2.2 Activity Summary Validation?


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I have Active Summary sending out 200 emails a day is there a way to validate this is happening?

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If you just upgraded to 2.2 or just reset the flag for old sessions to get them, it'll likely take 2 weeks before you start seeing activity. (at least it did for my 2 forums, but now they are flowing daily) By default, previous folks are on "pause", not to get them at all. After they visit again and wait 2 weeks without visiting, they will start to get them.

We did a batch user update, and reset the flags back to 6 months. (and changed the settings appropriately go to that far) This DID trigger two weeks later, with a whole bunch of emails. (145 per day, which is what I set it to)

There is a TEST EMAIL feature, if you want to make sure it is working.
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Thanks. I did a test and it's working. My forum is new, I imported my members from my VB forum and It's been around a year so I have not had many posts on the new forum that just went live last week so I am thinking it should be sending out 200 a day until it has sent them to every member that has not login in over 14 days ago?


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My understanding: It will only email folks who last visited AFTER the day you went live with Xenforo 2.2 (on day 14) Pre conversion users before that day are likely "on hold". By default, ONLY users who visited after that date, will get one after 14 days of inactivity.

Example: If you wanted to have it send users from the previous 3 months before the conversion date, one way would be to go to the admin control panel -> users -> batch update users.
Specify the start and end dates that you wish, in the LAST VISITED BETWEEN section. (so 3 months before conversion day, to conversion day)
Click PROCEED to identify how many will be applied
In the next screen you can tell it what you want to do with that group. ie: (X)Enable Activity Summary Email
UPDATE would execute the command, and set their flags for todays date.

So 2 weeks from today, that group would start getting the activity summary updates. (per the daily batch limit you said, as not to overload the ISP and get banned for being a spammer). It will do that many per day, from the above list, until they are all done.

This is my understanding of how it works, and how it worked for my forums. (One of them is a VB4 that I converted 2-3 weeks ago, and they started sending yesterday for the batch update I did)

I'm not customer support, just a customer, so use the advice at your own risk :)

Good luck!