Add-on ActiveCampaign synchronization with XenForo 2.x user fields

El Porcharo

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Hello people! 🙂

Noob here, been playing around with XenForo over the last two weeks. :love:

I'm building up a community of users that have already shown their interest in being part of it, by registering to my mailing list.
To be in this sort of waiting list, I'm asking for a few more infos than just an email address: all this data I've collected with the ActiveCampaign application form must be copied over their forum profile infos, once everything is set up.
Once my XenForo will be ready, I'm planning to continue using the mailing list like I've done until now, for reasons I'm not going to annoy you with.

What I was looking for in the Resources section, was an add-on that could communicate between the XenForo database and my ActiveCampaign account, just for copying all needed user informations of each user to the respective XenForo user profiles. But I could see there's only a couple of old abandoned projects... 😟

Is anyone out there already working on this kind of tool, or anyone that is planning to build anything like that in future?

I was thinking about doing this manually at the beginning, but I'm afraid it's going to be too much time-consuming once the community gets bigger and bigger...
Also, an admin will then validate all the sign up processes one by one, so having just to accept or refuse without the need of manually update every single user with these data, would be much easier.

I think that a tool like this would be perfect for the registration process I have in my mind, which is as follow:
➡ John Doe clicks the JOIN US button
➡ He's redirected to a page with a multistep (or single step) ActiveCampaign form
➡ ActiveCampaign saves all data
➡ John goes through the double opt-in process where the thank you page will show a CONTINUE APPLYING button
➡ the button redirect him to a dedicate XenForo page, where he will answer a few more questions, then click SEND MY APPLICATION
➡ an admin evaluates his request and decide he's eligible to join the community
➡ The admin ACCEPT the subscription, and only now the add-on creates a new user and transfer user's data to it
➡ John Doe receives an email saying "Congratulations etc etc, welcome etc etc, here's the link to enjoy the community etc etc, just CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD once you get in for the first time."

Is this going to be too complex?
Hope my explanation was clear enough, otherwise just tell me 🙂

Thanks for the time you spent for reading ;)



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La opción es muy interesante. También me gustaría algo así. I am new, I just bought the user license. And I would like to add plugins. Is there a list of those that are free and those that are paid somewhere?