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I have a slider on my website which i'm trying to mod ( ) - I currently have two slides on it.

What i want is in the top right corner is the two 'O' - it is working perfect however i want it to go the same shade of green that it does when you hover it, when its on the active slide.

<li id="nav-fragment-{$i}" class="ui-tabs-nav-item {xen:if '{$i} == 1', 'ui-tabs-selected'}">
                                    <div class="tagline" width="3px">
                    <a href="#fragment-{$i}">
<div class="title" style="margin-{$option.position}: 0px; width: 10px; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); font-family: Times New Roman;">{xen:helper wordtrim,O, {$option.trimtitle}}
Is the code i'm using!

.recentSlider .ui-tabs-selected { color: #91ff00;  }
.recentSlider .ui-tabs-nav-item a { color: #fff; font-weight: bolder; }
is the css.

Anyone able to tell me why it will not change the color of the 'O' on active slide?

Jake Bunce

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You can set active and hover colors in CSS, but those colors no longer apply when you are not hovering or clicking the link. To make it stick will likely require some javascript. I don't have code for this off hand.


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I actually had the right javascript, my error turned out to be that i was setting the active link as white, now working :)