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Cory Booth

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I am looking for an add-on to track specific actions. Here is what I envision...

A seperate area to post "official" activities or actions requested.
An ability to allow voting on those items by a specific usergroup.
An ability to allow registered members to comment on the respective items.

  1. Picture a registered member requesting, "Please add an arcade... etc..."
  2. The request goes into the "Tracker"
  3. Moderators and Admins vote up or down on the item
  4. Other registered members provide their opionions via comments.
I am looking to also provide statisitcal information per item - such as time in que, time taken to vote, etc...

I am also looking to provide an ability to show when an item is "approved" and "completed"

Let me know you price!
Interesting idea.
It's like a mini Project Manager / Request Manager.
I don't this would be a cheap and easy thing.
You might want to find another php script that meets your needs and bridge it.

You really should draw / make a mockup of your idea, it'll help you fill in the gaps of what you need.

You might get some ideas from here.

Joomla previously used
and you had a certain number of votes to cast on the various wishlist items.
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