XF 1.1 Account Upgrades



I had problems finding a good title :/

Anyway, I'm trying setup some Account Upgrades for my forum but I have a problem. Now all my users need to apply to get the default rank so they can actually use the forum and play on our game servers. Now I use @Brogan 's Permissions across multiple user groups now the problem here is when a user wants to donate for a higher rank the Secondary Group is changed BUT our servers check the database table Secondary_group_ids to see what rank they have, and when they donate the system only adds a group it doesnt remove or change the existing group since you can have multiple groups active.

I want to prevent users from having certain groups together. I know the Account Upgrades system has the option "Disabled User Upgrades" but then they will have to have a specific upgrade active already when they are accepted, and that means I have to either give my Mods the permission to add Account Upgrades or I will have to check all the applicants my self.

If anyone has a solution I would be much grateful!

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The best approach would be to change your game server to account for users belonging to multiple groups. You need to prioritize the groups to know which rank is the highest.