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Account Upgrades and Disputes

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by AyoubM, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. AyoubM

    AyoubM Member

    Hi guyes,

    So, let's say a members buys an account Upgrade using the XenForo account upgrade system, and then proceeds to chargeback/dispute after the buyer got what he wanted from the "Upgraded Section", what can you do to win the dispute/chargeback?

  2. StarArmy

    StarArmy Active Member

    ...Ban the user? :p

    Seriously, though, good luck dealing with PayPal, hopefully they will see it your way.
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  3. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    You show them that they purchased a service, IP and email, then you show them that they accessed the service, and you win the dispute. I have no issue with Paypal doing this. You must demonstrate to Paypal, to win, that they are the person in question and they did access the service they purchased, i.e. their history of pages they viewed, posted upon that require the service, additional features they used as part of the service, etc. You only need one.
  4. AyoubM

    AyoubM Member

    I was also thinking we could use the "User Upgrade Transaction Log" as proof of account upgraded?
    Maybe XenForo can code a nice button that saves the selected Transaction Log as .pdf or perhaps a nice member here can code it?
  5. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman Active Member

    I explain this to members on the upgrade information page. I tell them if a mistake was made, refunding their upgrade will be simple. However, I explain to them that if they did not make a mistake and just did it out of anger or whatever reason they have, they are then suspended from ever upgrading again. Basically, I tell them I don't want their money. I've not ever ran into that issue, though. However, many people do stop the auto-subscription part which I won't say anything about. :p
  6. Mr Lucky

    Mr Lucky Well-Known Member

    Do you mean recurring payments?

    It is absolutely right that they should be able to cancel a Paypal recurring subscription. And when they do, they get downgraded by Xenforo. That is as it should be. I'm sure it would be illegal to take their money forever.
  7. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman Active Member

    Yes and I agree :)
  8. NetDoc

    NetDoc Member

    I don't sweat it. If they want to cancel for whatever reason, I just refund their money in full.
  9. Mouth

    Mouth Well-Known Member

    Does this occur? They purchase an upgrade period by subscription, and if they cancel the subscription then they are immediately downgraded? I would (hope) the subscription period purchased remains in place, and they are downgraded only when it expires.
  10. NetDoc

    NetDoc Member

    They usually get a notice just before they get charged again and most cancel at that point. However, the cancelling the subscription with PayPal doesn't affect the 'end date' for the upgrade on your forum.
  11. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    No, don't worry... they get downgraded when the period expires, not when they cancel. I use subscriptions a lot on my site... and I simply get notified as the paypal holder that the subscription was cancelled, but XF does its thing until the end date correctly.
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