Lack of interest Account Upgrade History changes

Floyd R Turbo

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I haven't looked at the ACP in XF2, and maybe this has already been suggested, but I see room for improvement in how Account Upgrades are presented.

To me having separate lists for "Active" and "Expired" make sense, but there is a disconnect. If someone has an upgrade expire, then they immediately purchase it again, it shows up on both lists. It's very difficult to make the connection between a user's upgrade history the way it is set up now.

What would make a LOT more sense to me would be an Upgrade List that would be all of the upgrades in one list with a status next to them, which could be filtered by "Active" or "Expired". Additionally, if a user re-purchases an identical upgrade, I don't want to see that on the "expired" list. Right now, that's the way it is.

Furthermore, in the Edit User window's "Extras" tab, it only shows Active User Upgrades. We have paid club membership, paid club sponsorship, etc, and it would be useful to see all history for a given user. This information must be somewhere, because it's in the Expired User Upgrades log, all the way back to the start of our XF conversion.

It would be nice to also see the method of upgrade (online PayPal, manual, etc) or any downgrades, etc.

Not sure if this all makes sense, I just don't like the way the Expired User Upgrades is presented mainly - at a minimum, one should not be listed on the Expired list at all if they currently have the same Upgrade active, and Upgrade History on a per-user basis should really be on the Extras tab