XF 2.2 Account rejected phrases shown on screen changed?


My forum's user name requirement cannot be automatically parsed by the registration process, so I must manually approve accounts. I found that by editing the phrase "your_account_has_been_rejected_for_following_reason_x" from "Your account has been rejected for the following reason: {reason}." to something like "There's a problem with your account preventing its approval. Please check your email," I could convey a more moderate tone and resolve the issue more amicably (still with mixed results). That "kinder" message would then be displayed as long as the rejected user was logged in. The rejection email contains the reason for the rejection and directions to reply with an approvable user name (the format of which is fully explained on the registration screen).

Recently, I rejected a registration for not meeting the user name requirement, and received an email from them asking why their account was rejected. I found it hard to believe that, between the displayed message and the "notification of rejection reason" email, they wouldn't know why. I then did a test and found the displayed message was instead being pulled from the phrase "your_account_has_been_rejected" whose unmodified content remains simply "Your account has been rejected." Has an update changed which phrase is responsible for the displayed message when a registration is rejected, or have I inadvertently changed some setting to cause this unwanted behavior? I am running XF 2.2.12.
Thanks. I don't always enter a reason, as I expect the rejection notification email will clarify, but I guess no one has complained in this particular way before. I'll have to make sure to at least enter something in the reason field to get the desired result. I think the confusion was from reading another thread wherein the desire was to show the reason in the mod log but not to the rejected registrant by way of removing the variable from the longer phrase.
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