Account problems.

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Hi, I have lost my password on an Xenforo forum. I have tried to recover it, but there is no way i could recover it. I think my account got hacked, the hacker propably changed the email address, password and everything. I have another email address i could recover my password on, but sadly, it is not possible as you have to log in, in order to change your email address and other contact info.
Help will be appreciated.
Thanks to everyone:)
Which forum is this in relation to?

Do you own a license?
Is it to do with your own installation?
1.) It is on i lost my account password.

2.) No, I don't own a license, and it is not my installation. But still, I lost my account and i don't seem to be able to recover it in any "normal" way, so i need help from here.
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