Lack of interest Account page with a list of where you were quoted and tagged

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It would be very useful if there was a page where users could see all instances of where they have been quoted and tagged. Not just recent quotes and tags, but all.
XenForo has alerts for this but this only applies to users who have recently visited the site and all others will not be notified.

It would also be nice if there would be a filter to list quotes & user tags that the user did not reply to.

IMHO this is mighty useful to members and it also offers a lot of opportunity to increase and reignite user activity.

Optimally there would also be a new user criteria: has unanswered user tags or quotes. Because that would allow us to do mailings to inactive members and pull them back in.
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This information exists only during the post-reply process and is then discarded. It be pushed into Elastic Search, but would require reparsing a post when re-indexing unless you stored this information separately in the database somewhere.

Making it searchable with MySQL would be rather difficult due to the structure..