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I'm very new to the forums and some sections such as Forum Management aren't allowing me to start threads (my thread is particularly referring to handling problematic members and moderator techniques).

Continuing with my issue, I am currently a member of a forums that uses XenForo. Recently, upon logging on my account as a member I am unable to load pages of the site without getting loading issues (complete white pages, pages failing to load error). I'm just not able to browse normally, post on threads, or engage in conversations because it would take over 2 minutes for the page to load unless I get an error. This is very odd and suspicious as I'm able to browse perfectly fine when I am lurking as a guest on the forums. As a guest, I'm able to quickly view and access threads and all the pages of the forum, I don't get timed out as I do when I am signed on my account (crossing off any internet connection problems). And... to satisfy my curiosity, I logged on a trusting friend's account on the forums to find that I am able to browse through the forums in a breeze, without a single hiccup. This lands me to the conclusion that an administrator has obviously been tampering with my username's access abilities (I'm not banned, have any warnings, or anything, I just can't navigate the forums and feel this was purposely done). Does anyone mind explaining to me how they've managed to do this through their end and what intentions could be behind this act? I am 100% positive this was an act of target against me which I will deal with later. I just want to understand the process of this from their end.

Liam W

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I almost guarantee a moderator is going to close this thread, but before they do it sounds like they've discouraged you.

You should contact them. XenForo just provides the software, they don't control sites that use it.

Also, only licensed users can post in the sections you mentioned.
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