Absolutely nowhere in MVC/OOP but would like to release a mod


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I'm afraid to be a total newbie in MVC model or OOP. I'm not even a programmer, although I can hack into old fashioned PHP (like VB3).

I created a useful little mod (by hacking the PHP files directly) and I would like to release those few lines of code as a mod for the greater good (free).
I modified XenForo/Model/Like.php. I believe I created a useful feature.

Could someone explain me in layman's words, how to "properly" modify XF source code, by creating my own directories where they belong, "intercept" or whatever the name is, the XF code, and "inject" mine in it ?

I'm sorry of this is a stupid question, but I really don't get how you "insert" yourself in the XF engine. I'd be glad to read URLs, FAQ or beginners guide if someone points them to me.


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Don't worry about MVC. As for OOP, all you need to know, I think, is that you want to override a method and/or something else in the XF code.

I was able to create and release a simple add-on by reading a tutorial by Lawrence and another tutorial by Fuhrmann. Have a look in the Development Tutorials and also have a look at the code of other add-ons. Good luck!