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Absolute [Paid] [Deleted]


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Adder submitted a new resource:

Absolute - Modern dark style. Based on RGBA.

Hello all.

I want to preset you my style called Absolute.
It's a dark style based on RGBA with responsive design support.

Some screenshots:

  1. Fluid/Fixed versions
  2. Responsive design
  3. EXTRA.css contains only one include
  4. Minimum template edits
  5. Quality support :)
  6. XenForo 1.2.x & 1.3.x compatible
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Adder updated Absolute with a new update entry:

New width options, major fixes, official demo and more

  • Style has been updated for XenForo 1.3.3
  • Removed Fluid and Fixed xmls from an archive. Now, in Style Properties, you can choose which version of Absolute style you want to use. If you want to use Fixed version - you can set max-width.
  • Fixed some bugs in responsive design.
  • Updated style copyright.
  • Added official demo and support forum: http://e-dsgn.com
Next version will be 1.1.0 with major changes for XenPorta and XenMedio. I'll post concept screenshots...
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Upcoming 1.1.0 update will include [ED] XenPorta style modification.

Index page of XenPorta:
Article page:

Update will be out in ~1 day.

And [ED] style modification for XenMedio will be out in 2-3 days after 1.1.0 update.


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Wow man, this looks amazing I just love it! And that XenPorta update, this is going to rock. Just want I was after for a long long time!

I have one question though... Do you have any other backgrounds for this? Sometimes it is harder to read the text as it is a transparent style and if two of the same colors come to close each other... I wonder if a different backgound would maybe help? This is for now the only issue I see with this brilliant looking theme!

Also being transparent everywhere is not that great I think, for example here I doesn't look very well:


And the last thing for now from me:


I think a different default avatar would be nice for this theme. The standard avatar from XenForo just doesn't suit this theme.

So this is from me for now everything, I hope you don't mind this feedback from me. I am very interested to see what you will come up with and for the answer from you. Keep up the good work mate :)


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@QenTox thanks for your feedback, mate!
Preview tooltip will be changed. I agree that it looks unreadable and ugly at the moment :)
QenTox said:
I think a different default avatar would be nice for this theme. The standard avatar from XenForo just doesn't suit this theme.
Hm, nice idea. I will try to make good default avatar for this style.
QenTox said:
Do you have any other backgrounds for this?
I can try to make a pack with good backgrounds for this style. I just don't want to release ~10mb archive with ~10-15 backgrounds :) Maybe I will add it as optional archive.


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Really looking forward to purchase this theme. I will PM you (if I can) what my new site I will launch soon will be about and maybe you could help me to choose an appropriate background that will go well with your theme :) And thanks ;)