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Hello there
I transferred my license to create a new project with my partner, but my license was revoked.
I know my license will be transferred.
But precious Paul didn't believe me.
Licenses are very expensive in Turkey and now my license has been cancelled.
I have always used licensed product.
While using vbulletin before, I was using licensed again.
While using Xenforo, I am using licensed again.
What can I do now?
In the initial ticket the license holder was specifically asked if this was a transfer of license to a new person or an email change. To which it was confirmed this was just an email change of the same person. At no point was a "partner" mentioned.

As soon as the change was made, a user in a different city with a different IP address logged in to the account and changed the password and set a different domain against the license.

Clearly that was the actions of a third party and the license and account have been handed over to a 3rd party who does not own the account, accordingly it was disabled as per our policies.
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