XF 1.1 About nodelist permission

Francesco V.

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I have a basic group, Registered.
Also i have a kind of "premium" group, Full Registered. A Full Registered member got has primary group ever "Registered".

If i set a revoke for some features in a particular node for Registered, and then i leave INHERIT for Registered Full for the same node and features do the registered full users got the same revoking of Registered ? After all Registered FULL are ALSO Registered.

Am I missing something ?

PS: hummm, i fear that NEVER instead of revoke should do the trick, just a little bit confused

Francesco V.

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Thanks a lot, i missed the jake's one with perm math example.
Anyway i have an issue.
I have Administrative user that is also a Registered.
I have also Moderating user that is also a Registered. Moderating usergroup can warn post.
In order to avoid Moderator warning on a a particular forum, i set a REVOKE node permission to Registered and leave an INHERIT node permission on Moderating. THat works.
Then i set an ALLOW node permission (to the same node) to Administrative in order to null the REVOKE coming from being a Registered but it seems this doesn't work. Administrative can't warn.


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Administrators aren't moderators and vice versa.

If you want administrators to moderate then they must be granted moderator permissions or added to the Moderating user group.

Francesco V.

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Yep i know and indeed the Administrative Users was already added to the Moderating Group too. For this reason I don't explain why the Revoke + Allow doesn't work.

Also, Administrative can warn in all other nodes where i did not made that set up i described in the first post.

SOrry if this seems an odd request but for a security reason.i want to be sure to understand the permission system before officially re-open the forum.

Francesco V.

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yep but this is not an inherited Allow. I set the ALLOW to the Administrative in the same node where i set the REVOKE to the Registered. No other setting was made in the parent category node.

Francesco V.

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Ok, i confirm that i'm a total idiot.
I wanna to share with all of you the solution of this mysterious mystery in order to give you a free big laugh.

I set al the stuff in forums used only or a lot by administrator...this means by my self. When i clicked into a thread to see if the damned "warn" link appearing i ever looked at my posts......of course i can't warn my self so i never saw the "warn" link :rolleyes:

Sorry for wasting your time and thanks for help Brogan.

EDIT: of course i can't warn other Admins