Lack of interest About Conversations


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Asked Kier about long Conversations and scrolling.

Kier said:
Regarding long conversations - given that it's usually you and one other person, in the normal case there should only be one unread message after your own, so would a 'go to unread message' button be sufficient?
I guess. I'm not a great fan of go to unread. Not enough control for ME! Like please don't jump me about ... I like reversed threads then recent stuff is right up top - last unread leaves me a bit disoriented to be honest not sure where to start reading.
A button that reverses message order from current would be great.

Next I noticed that once I'd finished with one Conversation I had to slog my weary way to my main Conversations page in order to Start a new one. Poor me. Intuitively I looked for a Start New button at bottom and top.

Possibly a Start New button on each Convo page?

Next I wanna attach stuff like a document or image. Otherwise I have to leave the forum to email it (bad for forum) and what if I dont have that person's email?

OR I have to post in a main forum with attachment which if it's really only useful to one person would be annoying for others getting notifications.
Plus it might be a private type doc or pic. Not just s