Able to see screenshots of styles/mods before buying?

Is there anyway I'd be able to see the attached screenshots of styles and mods before buying xenForo? I'm doing a bit of research, but when trying to view screenshots it says I don't have permission to.

T3G Silas

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I think there should be previews of screenshots for members who do not have a license.
In fact, it would be a great idea to be able to distinguish two types of images. Public and private, this way developers can post public images so non-license owners could have a glimpse while private images are for license owners.



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I agree they should be viewable for none licensed members. Many people have certain requirements before buying software and if those requirements can be met with mods then that will only help XenForo :).


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I can't see anything and require certain mods. I have low traffic sites at the moment, hoping to go big. I'm wanting to switch from SMF, and just start from scratch with xF.