RM 1.2 Ability to create 2 RM's - Short cut to a particular category of RM


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In my site, I have my RM for
1) resources/notes
2) Past assignments.

At the moment, My resources button lies at the top of the page in my website: www.medconnex.com.au
I would like to split this into 1 button for resources, 1 button for past assignments.
Is this psosible? or is this effectively impossible as this would mean I would have to get 2 RM's?


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Only one instance of the RM can be installed on a forum - it isn't possible to install two.

You could manually add another link to the navigation, linking to a specific resource category, but it would still be the same instance.


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Hi Brogan thank you for your swift reply. what do you mean by "it would still be the same instance"
I am happy for it to be the same instance but I would rather omit the resources/note section in the "specific resource category"
Is this possible?