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Ability to change username mark up based on your user groups.


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I don't know if this is possible or not, but I'd like to see an add-on where users can choose the user group (mark-up) of their choice based on the user groups they already belong to.

For example, say one member is associated with the following user groups:
  • Registered (light blue)
  • Moderator (green)
  • Blue Subscriber (dark blue)
  • Red Subscriber (red)
By default this user would only have the option to display the user group mark-up of moderator, as it has the highest amount of points when it comes to the user group mark-up scale. But what if this user wanted to to display his blue user group mark-up? That is the dilema I have. Some users want to purchase multiple upgrades on my forums, but can only display the user mark-up of the one with the highest amount of points.

Here's an example of how it looks on vBulletin:

I've also requested this to be a core feature in XenForo, but I guess people don't rely on this functionality as much as I do for donations, etc.