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A Tongue-in-cheek Personal Campaign to become an XF Moderator


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I have not read or posted all that much on the XF forums lately because I have really just been anxious to see what happens as far as plugins, mods, styles, etc. and for XF to hit a milestone where people are really starting to use it.

I have to admit I spend a lot of time over at vBulletin.com watching the daily trainwreck. It is equally as funny as The Simpsons or Jackass and so it's my guilty pleasure, right before I read ClientsFromHell.net or the other blogs in my daily rotation.

SO why this thread?

Because I am seeing a problem at XenForo.com which can be summed up like this:

The best part of XenForo is the dedicated community of former vBulletin users.
The worst part of XenForo is the dedicated community of former vBulletin users.

There is a tremendous amount of baggage people are carrying around here. People are carrying grudges and seeking to settle old scores and none of it is healthy for the future of the XenForo project.

SO, if you elect me as XF Moderator, I will ask Kier to create a new forum called "Blowing Off Steam" or "The Decompression Chamber" or "Drama Goes Here" and I will mass-move any and all threads which are just aftershocks of the vBulletin split and have no contribution to the future of XenForo forthwith!

I think Kier, Mike, and Ashley have enough to deal with with a certain 800 lb gorilla without having to worry about attacks from their own flank.

Most Glorious and Friendly Regards,



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TBH I think there's far less vBashing going on now than a few months ago ... (y) ... but yes, some people are finding it a bit hard to forgive/forget; but then that's their prerogative.

I assume whilst the law suits are still ongoing some people will retain a certain distain for the action (and those that brought it).


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Had to post this as people are apparently not familiar with a common phrase.

Now, back to my self-imposed posting ban.
You also realize that my post was joking, right? And the fact that I'm associating him with a fictional character who is not only not real but dead...also gives the view that I'm just yucking it up.

People know what tongue-in-cheek means. :p

edit: THANK YOU, Vodkaholic! I'm glad someone else thought that!