XF 1.5 A table of logos

What I would like to do is generate a table, that I can relatively easily update, of partner logos, at the bottom of either the Forum main page or of Featured Threads & Portal page (I'm using Brogan's add on). I have about 20-30 partners whose logos I would like to feature in a table about 5 cols x 5 rows. I know I can hardcode an html table but updating it will be a bit of a pain. I've installed an advertising banner add-on but it won't let me generate a table; it'll just rotate the images as though they were ad banners.

Any ideas/shortcuts/stroke-of-genius that I missed :cautious: ?


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Create a single image that contains a 'mash up' of all the partner logo's you want.
Update your ad_below_content template to load the image.
Edit and replace the image on your server (or you could even link to a publicly shared dropbox image) with a new one each time a partner logo is added/dropped.
Thanks. My problem with that option, is that I'll have to slice the image up for all the links. And another problem is that every time I move a logo I will likely have to reorder the others.