A Synonym for "node"


There is any Synonym for "node"?
im realy getting confused with this word...
If you can give me its translation to spanish too.

thanks ahead.


what is dd talking about?:D


  • Nodes are XenForo's equivalent of forums and categories in other forum software packages. A node can be one of several types, including a forum, and is organized into a tree structure. This allows you to define the structure of the site.
  • Nodes are more general in concept than forums, allowing you to include things in your "forum list" that normally wouldn't be possible.
  • Nodes are configured in the "applications" tab of the control panel.


thank you all, im gonna need to be realy creative to find a translation to the hebrew language that reflects the same meaning...


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ok, ill try to upload the file today, if not then tomorow at night.
This is his response:
Tough question.. as I roamed only international forums I rarely visited any local forums so my grammar on this is limited, but let me think..

Well, post is: הודעה
Thread is: שרשור
That's easy.

I would go with the word: צביר
The direct translation is "cluster" but personally it sounds fit to describe collection of forums and sub forums.
Just let him know it's not official, just idea of one person.


thanks, for the help, i dont think the word "צביר " will be the best option because is kinda forgotten word...
im still looking for a good match, i dont want it to be a phrase.