Style A small tweak: We need to have the permalink also display on mobile viewports.


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Something that bugs me in Xenforo is that the permalink in posts disappears when the viewport size is less than 480 pixels. This eliminates the permalink from being seen on mobile devices.

In this day and age, having the ability to share post content easily is critical, and we would like the permalink visible when users browse our site with mobile devices so they can use it to share more easily. I am sure other xenforo publishers could benefit from this as well.

We are using a default Xenforo style with minor color palette changes and no add-ons.
We are using a minor ExtraCSS tweak to put the word "Share" in front of the permalink #, but this is also only visible on desktop.


We would like this to be visible on mobile devices as well.

If this is something you can do for us [paid - give me a quote], or if you have done it already on your forum and can share it with us I would appreciate it.


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Edit the message.css template.

Delete this:
.Responsive .message .postNumber,
.Responsive .message .authorEnd
    display: none;
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