A.R.F.I (A Really Fast [vB4] Importer)

A.R.F.I (A Really Fast [vB4] Importer) [Paid] 1.0.0

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Not that I've heard of... but as someone mentioned, I believe the only difference data-wise is the attachments. Worst case scenario, you could do the attachments with the "normal" importer if you wanted.
Does this importer import the following?
  1. merge PMs into conversations.
  2. post report threads into the report center
  3. resolved post report threads into the report center
1. No... it imports them individually.

2. Yes (but will need some massaging since it was set up for my site... for example, my old reported post forum IDs were 88 and 106, which is hard-coded).

3. Maybe... for me it did, but it depends how you "resolved" them in your old system (for us, it was based on if the thread was closed, which is how it works).

Either way... anyone using this is going to have to do a lot of work programming-wise to make it work specifically for THEIR site. It absolutely will not work out of the box for any site other than the one it was made for (digitalpoint.com).

So this is now at the point where once I hammer out any other small bugs, and get attachments properly working, I would like some data outside of my own to test with.

If you have a relatively large VB4 or VB3 board, and are happy to send over a copy of your site for my testing, please drop me a PM. Obviously the data would be used only for testing purposes only, and once done would be securely destroyed.

Hi Slavik,

Only a very small board here, however just wondered if this was all working now? Is there a list of what it will import from Vb? I wanna play with a test import from my vB into a new instance of xF (Now the Legal crap is sorted I'm already looking to move back to xf :) )

Also - Please excuse my ignorance - however I'm presuming that passwords will need to be reset after migration..??? :(

Passwords work well after import with the standard importer. I did not notice any password issues at DP.com after import. So I assume that passwords are fully imported.
Paul - if it's a small site, probably not worth the effort.

Alfa1 - yeah, passwords are fine.

Because of the depth in what it actually imports (avatars/attachments etc etc) it makes it worth it (and i like supporting others ;) )
Pretty sure the normal importer imports avatars and attachments (at least I would be very surprised if it doesn't). But yeah... there *is* a lot of other things it imports that the normal one doesn't... moderator log, deletion log, daily stats, etc.
I get the message on digital point that new registrations are not possible. What to do?
A heads up, getting this working will take some effort, however having had a play.

exporting posts...
          postsERROR 1054 (42S22) at line 1: Unknown column 'message_state' in 'field list'

I am seeing the same error. It is triggered by:

exec('mysql -h' . $this->slaveDbHost . ' ' . $this->sourceDb . ' -N -q -e "SET NAMES binary;SET @position = -1, @previous = 0, @last_state = 0, @ip_id = 0;SELECT SQL_NO_CACHE post.postid AS post_id, post.threadid AS thread_id, post.userid AS user_id, post.username, post.dateline AS post_date, post.pagetext AS message, @ip_id:=@ip_id+1 AS ip_id, IF(post.visible = 0, \'moderated\', IF(post.visible = 2, \'deleted\', \'visible\')) AS message_state, attach AS attach_count, IF(@previous = post.threadid, @position:=@position+@last_state, @position:=(0 * @previous:=post.threadid)) + ((@last_state:=IF(message_state = \'visible\', 1, 0)) * 0) AS position, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM reputation WHERE reputation.postid = post.postid AND (reputation > 0 OR (reason = \'\' AND reputation = 0))) AS likes, \'a:0:{}\' AS like_users, COALESCE((SELECT infractionid FROM infraction WHERE infraction.postid = post.postid AND action IN(0, 1) LIMIT 1), 0) AS warning_id, \'\' AS warning_message FROM post WHERE post.threadid NOT IN(SELECT threadid FROM thread WHERE forumid IN(88, 106)) ORDER BY post.threadid, post.postid"' . $this->_getReplaceBBCodeCommand() . ' > /tmp/xf_post.txt');

Any idea how to fix it? :)
why you write here buy for 25 usd and when i click buy i go to your site and have to buy it for 100 usd?
If you look at the overview tab for the add-on you'll notice the following...
The "$25 cost" is actually the maximum cost for 1 month of premium membership on our site. If you are already a premium member, it's free.
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Would this still work better than XF's VB importer, if one were to say import this into XF 1.1 and then do the upgrades?
Probably… although probably would make sense for someone to make a few changes to make it compatible with 2.x. Wouldn’t be terribly difficult as the underlying table structure isn’t all that different between 1.X and 2.X as far as imported data goes.
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