A question about managing ads on XenForo and responsiveness


Let me first begin by saying that I WILL be purchasing XenForo. After being with VB for well over 11 years I have had enough of the constant hacks and security issues I am experiencing. I can't take it any more. Right now, I am simply trying to become familiar with what I might have to deal with adjusting to XenForo once I make the purchase.

One of the primary issues for me is ad management. Is this something that comes already installed with XF or will I have to include an add on? If so, is there a cost for the add on? And where will I be able to place the ads?

Also, is the responsive design a feature the comes with the latest version or is that something that will require modification?

Thanks in advance.


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To expand on the advertisements question, there isn't an ad manager built in but there are ad templates.
Conditional statements can be used to show them on specific pages, to certain groups, etc.

The FAQ and links in my signature have more on that.


Thanks for the replies. And thank for referring me to the FAQs in your signature. I will learn a lot from reading them I'm sure.

One last question regarding ad templates. I did see the default ad templates that come with the package, however with my current VB setup I have 300x250 rectangle ads that appear in the first and last post of each thread. Is something like that possible with XF?