a program reading the EXIF info from a photo


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is this possible?

I have about 10 GB of photos on my pc, and I'm looking for a photo manager that will sort my photos by the picture date - not the upload date.

I know windows default all photos you upload to your pc by date it was uploaded/transferred... but I don't think it sorts it by the date the pic was taken (which is what I'm looking for).

I don't care if it's a website or a program I can buy. thanks.


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For paid stuff you could always look at Adobe Lightroom - it loads in all the EXIF data and you can select the date you want and it will show you the pics you want. Plus of course you get a load of photo editing software plus a place to organise the photos and it goes for pretty cheap these days!


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Also look at J.River Media Center , you can download a trial version.. From memory if it serves me right it does what your asking and cats them into year, month etc.etc.