A prank call I made a while ago


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Dynamic... You put a huge smile on my face. I use foreign accents all the time to get through the voice auto prompts for customer service. They when I get an real person on the line my accent gets much thicker. It's kills the frustration and nearly has my family hysterical. I thought I was the only one who does this? LOL Geesh, I need to get a life. Thank god someone finds this funny. I'm gonna go listen to it now.


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Thanks everyone!

Okay, well here is another one. I was doing an online radio show for my site and of course the members wanted prank calls. So, I decided to call a hotel in Japan (as their time is the same as Australia's). This one is a little bit "rude" so please do not listen if you offend easily.



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Woah you below the birdi up....
I did one prank call to my friend ... I had him talk to the pre recorded voice where a black man was asking him why were he calling his girl friend :D
He at the end said sorry to him :D I guess I m gonna post that on facebook and ask him why did he apologize :D lol