Lack of interest A little bit fast translations


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If GetText support is not on the roadmap...

In admin.php?phrases/ once clicked on a phrase the content of the textarea with must be on focus and selected, so you can write right away without losing time clicking.

Add autofocus and onfocus="this.focus();" to the textarea tag of the phrase
(and an option to enable/disable this behavior)

Now you've to:
  1. Click on a phrase
  2. Click on the textarea
  3. Select the text
  4. Write the translated phrase
  5. Press TAB => Return
Multiply this for hundred of phrase :cry:

With autofocus and autoselect translating a phrase become:
  1. Click on the phrase
  2. Write the translated phrase
  3. Press TAB => RETURN
IMHO less than 50% of time needed because you don't have to leave the keyboard to clicking.
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