A few minor bugs (Hopefully easy fixes?)


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Just started a new forum with the oh-so-wonderful Xenforo software. I am loving it so far, but there are some bugs that I can't quite figure out.

Apparently one of my members made a post that was too long. It cut him off, and even when I try to edit the post, it gives both of us this error:


It seems (mostly) in Chrome, the member cards blur the text. It doesn't matter what the background image is, the text is still blurry. And I got a report from another member saying that it was blurry for them in Firefox earlier as well (whereas it looks just fine for me in firefox)


The member post stats are also blurry, but this is exclusive to Chrome


Thank you in advance for your help!
This is not a bug. Sorry.

1) This is server issue. You'll need to raise your post limit in php

2) This is Google Chrome issue. I don't know why Chrome makes fonts look funny, but it does, even here on XenForo (and vBulletin, phpBB, SMF, WordPress, ect...)
Ah okay, very good then. Thanks for the quick answers!

How do I raise my post limit in php? I am not a complete newb, so some simple instructions should do the trick :D
Thanks for entering your name on that page.

That 403 error is likely some kind of server restriction. If it was Apache I might suspect a module such as mod_security or mod_evasive. But I am not very familiar with LiteSpeed. Contact your host or server person about that error.
An update on the blurryness - I still cannot figure it out, apparently its not only on Chrome, it is also on Firefox as well (that screenshot was take with a firefox browser)
Your first screenshot looks like directwrite rendering (aka hardware accelerated) so it's probably a weird quirk of that. Wouldn't be the first time

If you happen to have global anti-aliasing accidentally enabled in your gpu settings (eg morphological aa on an amd card) then it could be that. Normally all text would be affected though
This CSS is the cause:

.memberCard {
text-shadow: 0 0 0 transparent, 0px 0px 2px black;

Find and remove that CSS from your style. Probably search for ".memberCard":

Admin CP -> Appearance

There is a style search on the right.
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