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I am almost 100% done changing the colors of my child theme. There's a couple real noticeable areas left that I can't seem to find in the style properties areas. I've basically looked at every single option and I can't find it haha.

A (Edit/Create Poll popup):

B (Tags coloring):

The white text in the Polls popup is impossible to read, really. The Tags bit I just want to make darker to match the rest of the headings on my forum.
The white text to the left of the Form Row element inherits the color from the Block Container element, I believe. Which means it's taking standard text color from most content areas. The left side of the form is typically handled by the Alternate Content background and text properties, so you can explicitly set them there:
Style Properties -> Basic Colors

The tags are set in:
Miscellaneous -> Chips
Sure those are easy to change:
Style Properties -> Header and navigation ->
  • Navigation row - tab
  • Navigation row - selected tab
  • Navigation row - hovered tab
  • Navigation row - menu open
I personally set the color of the Navigation row property and then apply "inherit" to the nav tabs and visitor links so it's all consistent.. but by default you can set the four modes of the nav links with these properties.

Hope that helps!
I tried setting the 'text' color to #ffffff for all 4, and it looked exactly the same. Let me try that.

Edit: Yea, I tried setting all of them (except hover, I do want the color to change when they're hovering) to inherit "@xf-textColor" which is white (#FFFFFF); but it didn't change anything.

Edit 2:
It seems it was the Extra LESS/CSS setting that the theme added?

Changed that to Opacity: 1; Works!
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