A BIG THANK YOU - to all those people who support the XF community


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I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who continue to support the XF community with your add-ons, skins, graphics, programming tips, server optimisation advice, technical help, forum running advice, experience sharing, etc. etc.

You spend your time making things that help us enhance our forums, and helping us to keep them running smoothly - and it just, every now and then, deserves a proper thank you for the effort you put in on our behalf.

Your work, ladies and gentlemen, is very much appreciated by us fellow forum owners. (y)

Shaun :D


I just wish I was any good at it so I could do a much better job and make a lot more. Thanks to Mike/Kier/Ashley for their continues support to help us have a better web site / community.


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A very big thank you to them indeed, Shaun. It is very common for us forum owners / administrators to contact the moderators / developers here, of both XenForo and its addons / resources, only when we run into trouble or can't figure out something. Yet what some of us may very easily forget is that whether we as individuals need help or not, they probably help out someone on a daily basis...and that is time invested apart from working on their contributions. (y)

So thank you all guys, developers and moderators alike, for making using such a versatile produce such an enjoyable experience.I just hope that they realize that their efforts are always acknowledged and appreciated. :)

And a thanks for the community as well, without whom I perhaps wouldn't feel as comfy and as at-home, as I do. :)