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[8WR] XenTorneo (Rankings) PRO

[8WR] XenTorneo (Rankings) PRO [Paid] 1.2.1

No permission to buy ($200.00)


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Need opinions... I'm in two minds with the XF2 update for this addon.

XenTorneo is obviously my biggest and most complicated addon... which is why I charge $200 for it. I charge $200 for two main reasons; firstly, its a complicated and large addon... and secondly because I want to customers to self-select themselves out of purchasing it. Because of how complicated is, I want customers to be aware of what they are buying and how to run it before they get deep into something they aren't prepared for and end up asking me questions all day. The XF2 version will be a lot easier to use.

So now my options are... give the XF2 version out as a free upgrade for anyone who bought the XF1 version; and keep the price at $200. Or, lower the price to $100 so more people can purchase it, but don't give out any free upgrades. I'm leaning towards the latter at the moment.


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Upgrades are lifetime.
Or how about a third option: stand by your original statement of "upgrades are lifetime" by honouring XF1 license holders with the free upgrade, as well as reduce the price to $100 so that more people can purchase it?

As an XF1 license holder having already paid $200 + $50 (branding removal), having to pay yet another $100 for an upgrade I have no choice but to take once I switch over to XF2 kind of stings.


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This isn't a simple "upgrade". XF2 is so vastly different from XF1 that everything has to be rewritten. As such, this is a complete rewrite.
Then perhaps you should have said "simple upgrades are lifetime." XF2 was also a re-write, but existing license holders didn't have to re-purchase the product. Anyway, you asked for opinions and I gave mine. I think there's an opportunity to appease existing license holders while attracting new ones.
XF1 license holders did not need to re-purchase a license ($140) for XF2, which was my point. Instead, they simply needed to renew their software assurance ($40) to be entitled to the "upgrade".

XF advertises its product this way: license fee + annual fee for support/upgrades.

You advertised XenTorneo as: license fee + upgrades are lifetime.

Part of what made the high license fee of $200 acceptable was the lifetime of upgrades.