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$500: Job resume posting service


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I'm giving $500 to any talented coder here who can code up an add-on for my website

Summary: it's a service that allow registered members to upload their resume and allow recruiters to view, download it and search by keywords.

  1. Non-registered/guests will only see general stats (total number of resume uploads, most popular keywords, numbers of people with a PhD, a Master degree
  2. Registered members can view/upload/edit/remove their own resume at any time. They can't see other people's resume
  3. Recruiters will be registered members who also in an upgraded account. They will be able to see all resume listings, ordered by upload dates, etc
  4. They will be able to search for keywords.
  5. Keywords and some info will be entered via a form when the members upload their resume.
  6. Alert system (i love this feature). When a recruiter view someone's resume, that person will receive an alert.
  7. Recruiters can set up a watch list for keywords and get an alert when someone tag that keywords on their resume.
  8. Administrators will have all rights: including delete/edit keywords, delete resumes.
  9. Bonus: it would be nice if it comes with some nice graphs like this http://www.simplyhired.com/a/jobtrends/trend/q-quantitative+analyst
If someone can provide this and improve upon it, i'm open to raise the price.

Luke F

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Could resumes be stored/browsed/viewed as threads with most of the postbit removed or would they have to be some sort of special format?


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For best user experience, we can use the popup image thing that XF is using for picture here?
The resume will be in Doc or PDF format.

I'd like the recruiters to sit at the "resume portal" and be able to browse around without leaving the page. If the keyword search is jquery powered, it's even better. Like Google Instant ;)

and thanks for your interest. This is just some brand new idea and I look forward to talking out the details to anyone interested.