XF 1.3 403 Forbidden overlays


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I'm almost certain this is a server issue, but not sure where to start as I'm on shared hosting with VentraIP..

When I was typing a post, this overlay popped up when it tried to save the draft:

Then all my CSS went weird, as if it became stripped. The colours all turned white and background turned teal.

I refreshed the page and retyped my post and all seemed well.

But then when I was creating some new link forums in the Admin CP, the moment I clicked out of the Link URL field after entering the URL I wanted to redirect to, a similar pop-up appeared:

Again the CSS went weird again, half the text turned white. Ignoring it and clicking "Save Link Forum" worked fine. But it seems each time I click outside that site URL the same pop-up appears.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? :(


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Thanks Brogan, all fixed after host disabled mod_security.

Maybe placebo effect but page loads seem a little quicker now. :)